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The 2nd Hundred Years - 1899 - 1999

​Early in our next century we introduced the Know Your Food and Farmer by opening the homestead to guests from NYC and beyond.  Guests arrived to the spectacular 100+ mile view, fresh air and farm grown produce and meat.

Like all farms and families we suffered through the great depression.  The farm survived by raising buckwheat, harvesting hickory nuts while continuing to raise poultry and other livestock. The produce was transported by horse and wagon to the farmers market on Broadway in Schenectady, NY, which oddly enough is once again a farmers market.​​

Throughout this century we've raised wheat for roof thatching, milled lumber, put in hay, raised beef, wool and lamb along with fruits and vegetables all without applying herbicides and pesticides to the land we use to grow food for you and your family today.  

The New Millennium -

What's Old is New Again!   Smaller farms are returning at a rapid pace to meet the need of consumers who want their food free of chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, pesticides and herbicides.  At our farm we never have and never will utilize these agents to produce your food.

We're going to continue to raise food for your family that's;

  • Better For You - Studies indicate that pasture raised food, raised without growth hormones and antibiotics is the healthier choice for your family.

  • Better Tasting - The variety of food available to pastured pork and poultry provides enhances the flavor.  Exercise and sunshine received while free-ranging on pasture increases muscle tone and Omega 3 in your food.

  • Better for the Earth - We practice sustainable farming and follow the principles of Holistic Management, ensuring that raising your food doesn't adversely effect our planet.

  • Better for the Animals - Our animals - Your Food are raised and finished on our farm.  They are free to graze in open pastures or woodlands and are NEVER injected with growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  They have an abundant supply of fresh water, GMO free grain and comfortable accommodations to protect them from the weather.  ​

Growing and Raising Food for Families Like Yours Since 1799

Pleasant View Farm

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The 1st Hundred Years - 1799 - 1899

We settled on this land in 1799. The land was cleared so we could farm. The home pictured above was built in the 1800's and is still used today by our family.  A German style timber frame barn was built to thrash grain and house livestock.  We started raising food for ourselves and local families.

During our first hundred years our farm witnessed Peter J. Ogsbury enlist twice in the Grand Army of the Republic to serve his duty during the Civil War. Throughout his tours of duty the farm continued to produce eggs, grain, poultry and other naturally grown food.