Free-Range on Grassy Pasture & Woodlands

  • To ensure your pork has the finest taste possible our animals - Your Food - is free to graze naturally on grasslands and in the woods. A diet of grass, roots, grubs, hickory nuts and acorns ensures that your pork will have an unmatched unique flavor.  The diversity of their diet ensures a unique taste that cannot be duplicated​
  • Our turkeys and chicken broilers are on grassy pasture as soon as they're old enough to keep themselves warm.  The turkey and chickens are moved to "Greener Pastures" often to ensure an abundant supply of fresh natural food is available. 

Hormone, Antibiotic, GMO Free

  • We never inject our animals - your food (pork, turkey or chicken) with synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. 
  • We do not medicate their feed or their drinking water with antibiotics or hormones.
  • All animals have access to Non-GMO grain ground specifically for our farm.  

Humane Treatment

  • Because we understand that our animals are only with us for a short time we take all necessary steps to ensure their surroundings are stress free, clean, warm and protected. 
  • All animals are protected from inclement weather having access to a shelter filled with clean, comfortable bedding.  None of our animals are ever confined to a hard concrete floor.
  • To reduce stress we interact personally with our animals everyday.  Reduced stress and exercise enhances the flavor and tenderness of your food.
  • We do not cut or ring our hogs snouts to prevent their instinct to root for food. Nor do we dock their tails.
  • Because we don't overcrowd our turkeys and chickens we don't need to cut beaks which is a common practice in commercial operations.
  • All animals are protected from predators with the finest solar powered electric netting available.  When appropriate we confine them at night to protect them from nocturnal predators that cannot be restricted by electric-netting (weasels).


Our Pasture Raised Food - Tastes Better

It's Better For Your Health - Our Planet And The Animals


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