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Talking Turkey - FAQ's

  • How much will my turkey weigh?
    • Purchasing pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free turkey is easy and it's the healthy choice for your family.  Pasture raising that perfectly sized (to the pound) turkey for your family is quite challenging for your farmer.
    • Raising turkeys to hit a designed market weight is accomplished only in mass production in controlled environments with growth hormones and antibiotics.  We raise your turkey by "time in weeks" - meaning we start them to be at an ideal weight on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Variability in weather including temperature, rain and sunshine can dramatically change the size of the turkeys in late November. 
    • We aim to produce turkeys ranging in weight from 15 to 30+ pounds.  When you order we do our very best to accommodate your request plus or minus 3-5 pounds.
  • Why is Pasture Raised Turkey so Expensive?
    • Humanely raising pastured turkey is harder and more expensive than you might imagine. This article from the Huffington Post (Click Below) explains in good detail the why's of cost, along with how you, the animals and our planet benefit.

  • Will my turkey be fresh or frozen?
    • Your turkey will be processed the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It will be very fresh!
  • Should I freeze my turkey after pick-up?
    • If you don't intend to cook your turkey on Thanksgiving Day we recommend freezing your turkey. 
    • For cooking on Thanksgiving Day, store your turkey on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator at or below 38 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Will I receive giblets with my turkey?
    • We provide the neck, heart and liver with your turkey. 
  • I ordered a turkey for this year.  When will it be ready?
    • We process all turkeys the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We'll advise you well in advance what day and time your turkey needs to be picked up at the farm.
    • Because we're like most small farms we don't operate (and can't afford) large commercial refrigeration units.  Because this we need you to pick-up your turkey during the designated times.

About Your Pasture Raised Turkey

  • We raise a breed of turkeys know as Broad Breasted Whites. This breed was bred from the Broad Breasted Bronze to have white feathers  in the early 1960's.  
  • This breed forages well on pasture and because of their body shape and weight they can fly but tend not to.  
  • This breed of turkey forages well on pasture where they eat grasses, insects and other naturally occurring food.  The combination of sunlight, exercise and instinctive behavior produces turkey that's healthier for you with better taste and texture than the same breed raised commercially.
  • Always Humanely Treated and Free From GMO's, Antibiotics and Hormones 
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