Simply Better for You - the Animals and our Planet

  • It's proven that animals on pasture are lower in fat and higher in protein, vitamin E and Omega 3's.
  • Humane treatment including such things as having calm, comfortable, uncrowded surroundings with ample room to exercise naturalistic animal behavior enhances the taste and texture of your food.
  • To keep your food pure and healthy to consume, our animals are fed Non-GMO grain that is ground specifically for our farm.  
  • It's well documented that growth hormones and antibiotics added to animal feed and food grown from seeds genetically modified to resist herbicides make their way into your body when consumed. We never use hormones, antibiotics or GMO seeds.
  • We never have and never will apply pesticides or herbicides to our fields or crops. 
  • Using the principles of rotational grazing ensures that all animals have fresh natural food to consume.  Rotational grazing is better for the animals and our planet because we don't use fossil fuels to maintain our grassland pastures.
Heirloom Vegetables

We only raise vegetables from heirloom, Non-GMO open pollinated seed.  We specialize in winter squash that keeps well into late winter.  We never apply pesticide or herbicide to our crops or land. 

Pasture Raised Chicken

New for 2016 - Pasture Raised Chicken Broilers.  Like all our animals they will free-range on pasture. We fed our chickens Non-GMO grain, ground specifically for our farm.  No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used on our farm.

Heirloom Fruit

We're proud that our Concord Grapevines date back to the Civil War.  We've continuously maintained this heritage crop for generations for all to enjoy.

Pastured Raised Pork

Our pigs are pastured on grasslands free of pesticides and herbicides. Your food will be free of synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.  We pride ourselves on humanely treating all animals.

Gorgeous Views

On a clear day we can see over 130 miles to Mount Mansfield in Vermont. Why not see the view, take a walk or simply take the time to meet Your Farmer and Your Food.  We have several events throughout the year for you to enjoy, Follow us on   Facebook, or the "In the News" page on this site.

Sweet Corn

We grow our Non-GMO heirloom corn without using pesticides.  At times there's a corn borer or two, but if you want chemical free corn that's good for you - you break that part off and eat the rest.  It's not for everyone - but you should try it.

Know Your Food and Your Farmer

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Perfect Red Potatoes

For 2016 we'll once again grow and harvest potatoes grown without pesticides and herbicides.  By planting later than normal we avoid having to spray for potato bugs.  

Pastured Raised Turkey

We've been raising turkeys on pasture since the 1950's. Your turkey will never receive antibiotics or hormones.  Their environment and the Non-GMO grain they're fed provides you with the finest taste and texture available.​

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